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Fitness Trackers That Are Cute Enough To Wear All Day, Every Day

fitness trackerImage via Popsugar 

Summer was great and all, but I completely neglected my normal routine in the name of having a good time and seeing friends and family as much as possible. My gym time was the thing that ended up suffering the most. Getting motivated after you’ve taken a break can be tough — super tough! I’ve rounded up some ideas to help me get my motivation back, hopefully some of them can be helpful to you too. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who got off track this summer?

One of the things I’m doing to get back and stay on track with my fitness is using a fitness tracker! I used to use one all the time and found it helped motivate me to reach my daily goals. Small steps towards a bigger and more long-term goal are so much more manageable and less overwhelming. It’s always so great you can view all your results right from your phone too.

I know some fitness trackers can be a bit of an eye-sore especially with any outfit other than your workout gear. Check out these more stylish options that you can stack on next to your watch and bracelet to blend in as another piece of jewellery for every day, all day wear:


Kate SpadeKate Spade Black Cat Scallop Activity Tracker, approx $163 CAD (it will come to approx $207.17 CAD with shipping & duties), Kate Spade

Tory BurchTory Burch for Fitbit Metallic Leather Bracelet, $144.84 CAD, Nordstrom

FitbitFitbit Flex 2 Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband, $137.87 CAD, Nordstrom

MisfitMisfit Ray Sport Fitness Tracker Rose Gold, $129.99 CAD, Best Buy

Here’s what else I’m doing to get this booty re-motivated:

Working towards a specific goal… It can be as big or as little as you want it to be. I’ll be heading to New Zealand for New Years so I know that will motivate me to get toned up and bikini ready.

Scheduling my workouts and treating them like an appointment that cannot be missed… Carve out time in your schedule to workout that way I won’t have an excuse to skip out on it. Signing up for  group workouts always makes me feel more accountable like spin classes, the energy of the group and enthusiastic instructors always keep me going throughout a whole class even when I want to quit, my competitive streak may help with this as well.

Meal planning and keeping only good foods in my fridge, (no temptations in the house)…  I’m sticking to my grocery list when I’m at the grocery store and packing all my lunches during the work week that way I won’t be tempted to run out on my lunch break for Goldfish crackers, they’re my weakness.

New workout sneakers … Maybe a new pair of leggings and top too — okay a whole new workout outfit. Nothing makes me more excited to get ready for a workout than a new outfit and fresh kicks.

I can’t just talk the talk, I better go workout out now!

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