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The Best Free Financial Resources For The Budget Savvy Girl

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Do you feel 100% financially secure? Me neither. And the majority of young women out there probably say the same. It’s important that we’re empowered and knowledgeable about our finances – and that includes everything from understanding investments to learning about the wage gap.

Studies show that women typically have less confidence than men when it comes to their money. The same studies illustrate that while the majority of women were interested in learning more about financial planning and being more actively involved in their finances, many were uncomfortable with taking the first step: talking about money with others. In order to get the most bang for our buck we need to talk to each other – and to professionals. However, if the idea of seeing a financial advisor seems overwhelming we’re here to offer a few simple, free resources to help you feel more in control of your finances. Find them useful? Share them with a friend and or start a conversation in the comments below!


A fantastic website that provides financial tools and advice to help you understand your options (in plain English!) and make the best decisions possible. It’s something like Yelp for finances that aims to help improve financial transparency with a massive wealth of information on financial companies.


A wildly popular budgeting tool that helps you develop a strategy for spending and enables you to save for your financial goals. Gather all your financial information in one place and categorize your spending to have a helpful, easy, everyday assessment of where your money is going. Mint also includes a free credit score calculator, as well as customized tips and recommendations to help save you the most based on your goals and spending habits.

 Available through the App Store or Google Play Music.  

Planet Money

Planet Money is described as the friend you could meet at the bar who could tell you what’s going on with the economy – and it would actually be a fun evening. The podcast hosts are warm and funny enough to keep even the most overwhelming global economic concepts interesting and digestible, and the stories are engaging enough that the material really does stay with you.

Available on iTunes  Google Play Music or Stitcher. 


A tool to automate your savings effortlessly. Every few days Digit checks your spending habits and (if you afford it) puts a few dollars safely aside for you in a nest egg. Generally, Digit will transfer between 2-17 dollars to your account – never putting aside more than you can afford.

Available through the App Store or Google Play. 


A beautifully designed app for splitting costs and remembering I.O.U.’s between you and others. This tool ensures that you – and everyone else you regularly split costs with – always gets paid back. It’s especially helpful for large events like vacations or parties with friends where there are multiple costs split between various people.

Available on the App Store or Google Play. 


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