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What You Need To Know Before Drastically Dying Your Hair

RitaBeautyBarImage via Ritasbeautybar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that women everywhere are going prematurely grey. And pink….and green. Ice cool hair tones have swept the fashion world by storm and it’s hard not to imagine how chic you’d look with locks inspired by an Instagram model.

While I’m always an advocate for hair change (after all, it will grow back), there are a few things you might want to keep in mind before you run to your salon with a photo of Rihanna or Kylie Jenner –especially if you’ll be making a drastic change from dark to light.

The initial colour is a serious investment of your time… and money

Some colour jobs can take up more than one session – meaning that you may need to make more than one trip to your salon. Multiple sessions also mean that you’ll be spending more cash on your look – especially if your colourist needs to order in special products for your custom job. Make sure you consult with your stylist before hand to be clear on your time commitment and the price.

You’ll likely need to rethink your current makeup routine

A good colourist should be able to assess your skin tone and pick a shade to complement. That being said, if you lighten your hair drastically you may need to change up your makeup by warming up your foundation and lip colours, tinting your brows and/or adding more pops of colour to keep you from looking washed out.

AngexlaImage via Angexla 

Get ready to become a salon regular

Pastel, cool-toned platinum or a rich silver are not colours for the laid-back girl. These colours are difficult to achieve and even more difficult to maintain. The toner your hairdresser will use for your look will wash out of your hair fairly quickly (particularly with grey shades), making salon visits to re-tone or touch up roots regularly a must-do. Expect to be back in the chair every four to six weeks – three to four weeks if you have fast growing, dark hair. Don’t even think about trying to touch up at home – these tricky jobs are best left to the pros.

You’ll be splurging on some new products

Sulphate, which is found in many shampoos and conditioners can ruin your colour quickly. To maintain your new rich colour you’ll need sulfate-free, colour safe shampoo and conditioner, which may also need to be anti-yellow if you’re prone to brassiness. Depending on how on how vibrant you want your colour, you may also need a colour-depositing product between salon visits.

Be prepared to lose some length

Bleach is absolutely brutal on your hair – if you have damaged or previously dyed hair be prepared for a trim – cutting off dead or broken ends may be a necessity.

If all of this sounds like too much for you, you may want to reconsider a drastic dye job. Instead, you can opt for ombre, balayage or highlights throughout – a more subtle, low maintenance way to still add some colour and switch up your look.

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