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Gift Guide For The Bartender In Your Life

For any aspiring mixologist, the holidays provide a plethora of opportunity to experiment, fine-tune, and perfect your craft. An ounce of gin, a splash of tonic, two drops of bitters and a lemon peel all lovingly crafted into the perfect cocktail glass. A bartender needs four fundamental pieces to be able to make most cocktails in the world, and a few fun accessories on top of that.

Here are a few must-have items to grab for your aspiring bartender:

1. Boston Shaker – A 2-piece shaker set needed to make all cocktails shaken with ice.

2. Jigger – The measuring cup used universally by all bartenders to measure the amount of alcohol they put into your cocktail. Jiggers usually come standard with 1 oz. or 2 oz. measures on either side, but a multi-level one has interior markings for ¼ oz, ½ oz, ¾ oz, and 1.5 oz.

3. Hawthorne Strainer – This special strainer allows you to strain your Boston Shaker of ice, herbs, and everything except the liquid.

copper bar setCopper Bar Set, $95 CAD, Cocktail Emporium

4. Bar Spoon – A long handle bar spoon is necessary to make stirred cocktails. The long handle and small spoon fits into a cocktail glass without melting the ice and diluting the drink.


muddlerRustic Wooden Muddler, $16.95 CAD, Cocktail Emporium

5. Muddler – A wooden muddler to crush limes, mint, herbs, berries, citrus or spices to craft classic muddled drinks


dillons ginger bittersDillon’s Ginger Bitters, $16.95 CAD, Cocktail Emporium

6. Bitters – Highly concentrated syrups created from fresh and dried natural botanicals, added into specialty cocktails for extra flavours. A favourite of mine is by Dillon’s, a small batch distiller of spirits and the sort.

vintage-style-stemware-1-cVintage Style Stemware, approx $64 CAD, West Elm

7. Cocktail Glasses – Help elevate your aspiring bartender’s drink with a beautiful set of cocktail glasses. There’s a different cocktail glass for every cocktail, but I’m particularly fond of the 20s-style coupe glass that reminds me of the Great Gatsby era.


Forager’s Cocktails- Botanical Mixology with Fresh, Natural IngredientsForager’s Cocktails: Botanical Mixology with Fresh, Natural Ingredients, $16.90 CAD, Indigo Chapters

8. Recipe book – The last part of the gift set is your favourite cocktail book with recipes and craft concoctions to keep him or her inspired.


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