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Gift Wrapping Inspo To Amp Up Your Gift Giving Game

The holidays are upon us again, which mean gaggles of holiday parties, heaps of family gatherings and piles of presents. Over the years, Iโ€™ve really noticed a difference in the quality of the gift when Iโ€™ve taken the time to wrap it carefully and adorn it with special touches like ribbon, greenery and a bit of sparkle. The act of purposefully wrapping a gift with love and intention really elevates the gift receiving experience and takes the gift exchange to a new level.

I’ve rounded up some of the best holiday gift wrapping inspo I’ve seen online to help you ย amp up your gift giving game this season. Now get wrapping.


You canโ€™t go wrong with brown kraft paper and candy-cane striped straws and string


Simple Stickers

Or brown kraft paper with cute little Christmas notes

Paper Snowflakes

Incorporate fun details like paper snowflakes

All Black Wrapping

Black on Black on Black Wrapping Paper

Gift Tag Stickers

Simple Stickers

Gold Tipped Feathers

Beautiful Gold Tipped Feathers


Vintage Gingham Gift Wrap


Rustic Details and Boughs of Holly

Leather Detailing

Leather Detailing


Mini Wreath

Neutral Tones

Neutral Tones

Sparkle Letters

Add personal touches with sparkly letters

Chalkboard Wrapping

Chalkboard Wrapping

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