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Gilmore Girls Review: A Trip Back To Stars Hollow


The past few weeks have been a lil’ overwhelming and I finally got a chance to take a much needed break this weekend. With the snowy Vancouver weather (and you know how us West Coasters don’t know how to deal with snow), it was the perfect opportunity to catch-up on my Netflix. TELUS recently installed a 55” LG 4K TV in my living room, which my boyfriend’s been hogging with his sports, somehow there seems to be golf tournaments every weekend and football plays all day on Sundays and on Monday and Thursday nights.

But nothing was getting in the way of spending time with Lorelai and Rory this weekend!

Gilmore Girls x TELUS Optik TV 4K Experience

You might be wondering – what exactly is Optik TV 4K? 4K gives you four times the resolution of HD “High Definition” – the picture detail is incredibly life-like with deeper and richer colours. You see every little detail – it’s the sharpest clarity picture around.

Watching the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on 4K makes you feel like you’re almost in Stars Hollow. You might just want to surprise someone special in your life with TELUS Optik TV 4K – upgrade to a 4K PVR and Internet 50 (so so fast), and start enjoying 4K on Netflix, TSN Sports and even YouTube (more and more YouTubers are shooting in 4K). My boyfriend is definitely a happy camper with the new TV and the TELUS Optik TV 4K experience.

It seemed appropriate to blog about the first episode of the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. If you’ve been a long time Style Spy reader, you might just remember our weekly recaps of Gossip Girl. Oh the memories. This is an ode to our TV round-ups in our early years.

Season 1, Episode 1: Winter

1. Did anyone else get chills hearing clips of Gilmore Girls episodes past? Lorelai & her coffee addiction – give her the coffee Luke! Oh Michel, always such a smart ass. Paris! Remember when Paris hated Rory when she first got to Chilton?

2. Hello Lorelai & Rory – we missed you. You two look lovely and I forgot how you have two have the prettiest crystal blue eyes.

3. Rory’s back in Stars Hollow and who does she run into first. It’s Lane! Who else growing up with strict Asian parents could relate to Lane Kim and her relationship with Mrs. Kim? Albeit, my parents weren’t as strict at Mrs. Kim, but I could relate to Lane’s need to hide parts of her life to her conservative Mom.

4. O-o-o-ber. Kirk – can you please bring Uber back to Vancouver?

5. Did Lorelai and Rory just say they wanted to make tater tots? I knew I loved you girls for a reason, currently in my freezer…tater tots. My weekend indulgence: Tater Tot Breakfast Nachos.

6. So many flashbacks. Rory’s playing Mariah Carey circa 1995. Roller skates and rainbows, Mariah at her very best.

7. Always the best motherly advice Lorelai! “I think any outfit you wear without underwear is going to be your lucky outfit.” Rory says she’s looking for her lucky outfit for an interview with Conde Nast. I have one of those? Do you? Everyone needs a power outfit.

8. Who’s Paul? I feel like you’re going to be short-lived Paul. Anxiously waiting for appearances by Rory’s boyfriends past – Dean, Jess and Logan!

9. Sad to hear that Richard Gilmore passed away. I’ve always enjoyed the rapport he had with Rory.

10. Did you spy the sign at Luke’s Diner: “No taking pictures of food.” Here’s looking at you foodie Instagrammers.

11. Paul drinks TEA? Ok, I love a good cup of tea. But we all know the Gilmores are all about coffee.

12. PARIS! You’re always so intense since the days at Chilton.

13. Former boyfriend alert…LOGAN! Who’s team are you on? Team Dean? Team Jess? Team Logan?

14. Emily is reading Marie Kondo! I tried to jump on that train a while ago, but seem to have failed miserably as I sit amongst all my stuff. And who would’ve thought we’d see Emily Gilmore in jeans!

Thanks for coming back Gilmore Girls, my heart is full.

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As a TELUS Advocate this year I’ll be sharing stories in partnership with TELUS. All opinions are my own.



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