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New Year’s Eve Makeup Inspiration

Harpers BazaarImage via Harpers Bazaar

As we begin to countdown the days left in 2016, we also begin looking forward to 2017. The reason why everyone gathered to celebrate the new year was a little hazy to me until recently, in 2016 with all of its surreal events & incredulous outcomes. New Year’s Eve has become the outlet to celebrate all of the years’ greatest achievements, best moments, and serve as a collective homecoming of friends from near and far. NYE is the most exciting and glamourous time of the year to have a blast, so why not look your absolute best? Bring on the glitter!

For all of your glamourous party needs, I’ve rounded up 5 quintessential New Year’s Eve inspired looks to kick off your 2017 celebrations.

1. Bold

Be loud with a defined eye and a deep, bold lip.

2. Sparkly

There’s no better time in the year than New Year’s Eve to shine and sparkle like a disco ball. Here are three levels of sparkle.

Just a Bit of Sparkle

I’m Ready For More Glitter

I Want to be a Disco Ball

3. Smokey

If you never feel like it’s the right occasion to whip out that smoky eye, this is the occasion.

4. Dramatic

If you prefer your makeup to be a bit more subdued most days of the year, New Years Eve is the time to experiment with a new look. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and venture out of your comfort zone with a very dramatic look.

5. Golden Metallic Bronze

Go ahead girl, glow.

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