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Classic Camel Coats You’ll Wear Forever

I am a strong believer that nothing will ever be “the new black.” If I’m going to invest in one quality piece, 9/10 times I want black. That being said, a sea of black coats in the winter can be more than a little gloomy. Stand out from the crowd in another color that has withstood the test of time: camel.

There is something so timeless and elegant about a camel coat. There’s a reason it never goes out of style! Coming in a variety of slightly different tints, this hue manages to look good on every skin tone. Camel coats also have the peculiar (yet very welcome) ability to make every outfit look a little more put together – and who doesn’t need that in our hectic lives?

Bushwick Cocoon Coat Nasty GalBushwick Cocoon Coat, $197 CAD, Nasty Gal

Lavish Alice Blazer Coat Nasty GalLavish Alice Like It’s Your Job Blazer Coat, $182 CAD, Nasty Gal

Masculine Coat ZaraMasculine Coat, $179  CAD, ZARA

Long Trench ZaraLong Trench Coat, $39.99 CAD, ZARA

Babaton Cormac Coat AritziaBabaton Cormac Coat, $199 CAD, Aritzia

Wilfred Borda Coat AritziaWilfred Borda Coat, $260 CAD, Aritzia

Coat 4145 Oak and FortCoat 4145, $128 CAD, Oak + Fort

ASOS Wool Blend Skater Coat with Raw EdgesASOS Wool Blend Skater Coat with Raw Edges, $149.59, ASOS

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