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The Best Planners To Kick Start Your 2017

riflepapercoNow that the holidays have come and gone, it’s time to hustle into 2017. The first two weeks of January are tough coming back from the luxurious restfulness of the Christmas break as most of us are slowly getting back into the swing of things. That’s why using a daily planner is great to organize your thoughts and list out the tasks that may have been put off before the holidays. Having all of your to-dos helps you stay focused and ready to knock all of your new year goals out of the ballpark.

Here are a few of the best planners to help you keep hustling in 2017:

Paper Planners

Day DesignerDay Designer in Palms, $37.50 CAD, Indigo Chapters – The Day Designer is a specially designed planner for busy girls-on-the-go with a daily system that includes your top-three to-dos, a running to-do list, a large scheduling section, monthly pages, and a place to record daily gratitudes.

Rifle Paper_RedRifle Paper Co. 17-Month Spiral Planner in Scarlet Birch, $40 CAD, Indigo Chapters – A beautifully designed planner with space for weekly or monthly plans, important dates, inspirational quotes scattered throughout and a satisfying checkbox to-do list.

Rifle_blushRifle Paper Co. 12-month Planner in Linen Blush, $21 CAD, Indigo Chapters – A similar planner to the one above, but in soft baby pink linen.

Passion PlannerAcademic Compact in Timeless Black, approx $33 CAD, Passion Planner – The Passion Planner is a goals-based planner designed to help you define and create actions for your goals – 3 months, 1 year, 3 years – and throughout your life. Monthly and yearly reflection questions are designed to keep you focused on your progress, while daily pages are designed to help you pay attention to your most important tasks.

planner_1024x1024Productivity Planner, approx $33 CAD, Intelligent Change – The Productivity Planner is a science-based planner with proven productivity principles used by successful people in history, built right into the planner. The layout design helps you focus on a prioritized task list, making you feel more productive and accomplished by the end of the day.

Ban Do12-Month Spiral Planner in FloralBunda, $20 CAD, Indigo Chapters – A planner that’s as fun as you, it comes complete with stickers, note pages, laminated tabs, a colouring page and inspiration art throughout. This planner by Ban.Do is the most animated of the lot.

Digital Planners – A digital app that combines a simple to-do list, calendar, and personal assistant, is a life manager right on your phone.

PlannerProPlanner Pro – One of the top-rated full-feature apps designed to manage your daily life better. This app combines events, tasks, and notes all in one place.

Get Plan AppPlan – An updated calendar app that helps you plan your life by manages your whole life in one central place.

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