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The Luxe Link: A Personal Shopping Service That Scores You Coveted Shoes and Handbags

When it comes to shopping, if I have my heart set on something and I can’t find it anywhere in store or in my city, it’s not only super frustrating but it also makes me want it even more (Chanel leather espadrilles, I’m looking at you!) So, if you’ve ever been told that an “it” item is sold out or isn’t available, you may be down but you’re not out. That glimmer of hope is The Luxe Link: a specialty online shopping service that has their super resourceful Luxury Specialists scouring their vast retail networks to help you locate practically anything your little heart desires. Simply make a request, sit back and let the specialists go hunting. Shopping has never been so easy (and dangerous).

I recently caught up with Stella Suen, Creative Director and Luxury Specialist at The Luxe Link to learn more about this magical shopping service (Pssst: Make sure to check out the special offer exclusive to Style Spy readers at the end.)

Tell us how The Luxe Link works and how much it costs to use the service
The Luxe Link is a New York-based luxury personal shopping service. Anyone living outside of the USA can “shop like a local.” We give people the best access to the world’s biggest brands, as well as cool indie brands based in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and more.

The Luxe Link works in three steps: 1) Our clients make a request via our website, via email or by sending us a message on WhatsApp 2) We find the items and provide a detailed cost summary, including where we found their items, any applicable taxes, delivery charges, and our service fee 3) Clients approve the entire purchase, and we provide a payment link for them to complete the purchase.

We charge a straightforward 10% service fee for our service. There are absolutely no other hidden fees.

What types of goods can The Luxe Link help me find?

We help our clients with a really wide range of requests, including everything from clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories to baby strollers and even gemstones. We can help with virtually anything, as long as the items are not prohibited nor restricted for delivery.

While The Luxe Link specializes in luxury goods, we can also help with finding event tickets (e.g. Heading to New York? We can help you with tickets to a concert, Broadway play, sporting event, etc.)

We can also help you find sold out or hard-to-find items. For example, we’ve had great success finding items that are sold out in most cities. This past autumn, one of our clients told us that sneakers from Athletic Propulsion Labs were completely sold out in her area. We easily helped her find the sneakers she wanted in the USA, and delivered them to her doorstep (in Singapore) in just a few days.

For Canadian shoppers, how do duties and taxes work? What’s the estimated time for delivery?

Many online retailers do not charge sales tax unless they have a physical presence in New York City. Our team of Luxury Specialists are trained to minimize the sales tax, and will always try to select a retailer to save the clients on taxes. We do not prepay customs duties on behalf of clients. FedEx is our exclusive shipping provider and they will notify the client of any duties, payable upon delivery.

Estimated delivery time varies as we are dependent on the retailer to deliver the items to our office first. Once the items arrive in our office, we inspect them for accuracy and ensure they are in perfect condition. From here, we hand pack the items and then it takes 1-2 days for FedEx to deliver the goods. In some cases, if a client makes a request on Monday, they can sometimes have their items within the same week.

Does The Luxe Link offer style advice? Can you help me find an outfit for a special occasion or job interview?

We absolutely offer style advice! Our Luxury Specialists chat with our clients all the time; we get to know their likes and dislikes. We recently helped a client find a gift and the request was to find a “cool messenger bag for a man, from a non-obvious designer brand.” The client described the person she was purchasing the item for, and from there, our Luxury Specialists went to work to find the perfect gift.

What are some of the hottest and highly requested hard-to-find items right now?

Extremely limited edition sneakers are always a challenge because they disappear in an instant. We recently helped a client find the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2’s.

Certain in-demand handbags, such as the Gucci Soho Disco Bag, are selling out everywhere, so they’re hard to find and also highly requested of us. New release handbags, and items specifically from Chanel’s recently-launched cruise collection are also a challenge.

What trends are on the horizon for spring and what do you anticipate people will be looking for?

We saw some really strong and clear trends on the runway for spring 2017. I’ll put them in a few categories:

Patterns: stripes, florals and polka dots
Feminine: ruffles and one-shoulder dresses and tops
Colour: neon (yes, it’s an 80s revival!), khaki and blue

Special Offer From The Luxe Link

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All images via The Luxe Link on Instagram

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