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Interview With Adrienne Ford: International Model Turned Self-Care & Wellness Guru

Adrienne FordAdrienne Ford is all about helping and encouraging women to feel beautiful, strong and confident. She does this through her wellness blog, in a yoga class (she’s on her way to becoming a certified yoga instructor), coaching self-care and consulting on nutrition. Adrienne has recently launched her own line of tinctures — a liquid extract made from herbs. So, we recently sat down over a pot of peppermint tea to talk about the health and beauty benefits of tinctures, and the importance of being romantic with ourselves.

What are tinctures?

Tinctures are herbal medicine. Essentially, they are herbs that have been soaked in alcohol and the healing properties are extracted from different herbs. Each herb has a different healing property or multiple healing properties that can be beneficial to beauty, skin and detox. Also, some can be energizing or relaxing, too.

Tinctures are ingested orally and normally, people take 3 to 5 drops, one to three times a day. It’s really about building a relationship with herbs because some of the herbs take longer than others for the body to start recognizing and supporting them. Some may not align with the body very well so it’s very much a personal journey. But I think the biggest thing is that tinctures represents a ritual of wellness because they are taken everyday.

What are the benefits of the two tincture formulas you’ve developed, the Detox and the Beauty? 

The Detox formula is made up of a combination of Nettle Dandelion and Burdock root.

Each of those supports a different system within the body that is responsible for detox. Nettle can be good for the kidneys and dandelion can help support the liver and cell regeneration. The burdock root is also meant to help the liver but it’s also good for helping with inflammation, particularly in the digestive track. They also have some skin support as well.

The beauty formula is made up of a combination of chaga, orange, vanilla bean and Schisandra berry.

The Beauty formula is focused on helping with stress as well as helping with the skin. It’s a high vitamin C adaptogen. Adaptogens support stress on a cellular level so, they help with calming the nervous system. The Schisandra berry is very high in vitamin C and it’s known for supporting the skin. Vitamin C is part of what we need to produce collagen. Overtime, we produce less collagen which leads to saggy skin.

Tinctures tend to have quite a potent taste. How should people introduce them to their routine without getting overwhelmed? 

An awful taste! Potent is a very kind way of saying it.

I recommend adding them to water, and because they do have an alcohol content, for someone who doesn’t want to have alcohol in their body, putting tinctures in hot water can help evaporate the alcohol content. But I’ll be honest, they still have an intense taste. One way to get around that is to apply it under the tongue because it doesn’t hit as many tastebuds.

Interested in trying tinctures? You can place an order through Adrienne’s contact page here for $20 CAD each.

What are three easy healthy habits that everyone should adopt?

  1. Meditate – Sit in 10 minutes of silence everyday.
  2. Cook yourself a meal – Enjoy the process, enjoy some wine, listen to music, be present and pay attention to food being prepared; create that self-care in your life.
  3. Move – Take time to move, even if it’s just for half an hour. It can be as simple as stretching or going for a walk. Our body needs that on so many levels, it’s mentally, emotionally and physically important to our wellbeing.

I think it’s important that we are romantic to ourselves. Women can be very self-deprecating. There have been some really challenging moments in my life, and I make sure I take time for self-care. I make myself dinner and just sit there, not touching my phone, and just eating and enjoying what I’ve made for myself. It can be very therapeutic.

Adrienne's current read

Adrienne is currently reading Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver, $18.52 CAD, Chapters Indigo

Describe your ideal morning ritual?

I normally get up and have a glass of water with lemon and I make a coffee. I’ll either have my coffee and something to eat or go straight into meditation then yoga or stretching. I do not look at my phone, and that’s a big thing for me because quite often there’s so much stimulation with our phones. I just like to have that time to myself.

I don’t sit there for an hour in meditation, I’ll sit there for ten minutes and I’ll just breathe. I don’t think meditation has to be anything too involved.  I just sit with my back straight and I try to clear my mind or let my thoughts pass. Then I’ll do half an hour to 45 mins of yoga.

I think the biggest thing about mornings is finding some time for yourself, that’s what I’m an advocate of. I have this book that is two-page chapters of little inspirational things, so I’ll read a couple pages and just try to start my day on the right foot. This really does impact how the rest of the day can go.

How do you stay motivated to work out and eat well?

It’s just become a part of my lifestyle over the years. Ironically my lifestyle was very unhealthy, especially when I was modeling a lot. I was partying, eating like crap or not eating enough and just living in a really sabotaging place so, it was just one step at a time to become healthier.

I would recommend just adding one small change at a time. Sit with it for a week or two, and when you feel ready, add another change. Don’t overwhelm yourself by changing everything overnight. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have my days where I do everything wrong, that’s life and I think allowing yourself to have that experience will help create the motivation to continue those healthy moments. That way we’re not creating sabotaging behaviours and making ourselves feel guiltier about it.

If you’re interested in Adrienne’s tincture formulas you can place an order through her Contact Page on her website, Adrienne Ford . And don’t forget to follow her on Instagram


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