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My Travel Essentials

2016 was a pretty good year of travel for me – I headed to Los Angeles twice (including Disneyland), San Diego, Hong Kong and Japan – Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. It was my first time in Japan and it’s since become my favourite destination – I cannot stop raving about the food, the culture and the people. I constantly keep an eye for travel deals to Japan – if you’ve never been, I’d seriously consider it.

Packing for travel can be very stressful. You want to make sure you have everything you need without overpacking. Here are a list of my travel essentials – items I like to bring with me for the flight and when I arrive at my destination. Oh, one more travel trip, always pack more underwear, always!

  1. bkr Glass Water Bottle: If I don’t have a water bottle with me, I forget to stay hydrated.  So I always bring my trusty bkr glass bottle with me – I own two of these 500ml bottles. All airports have water stations or water fountains, so I fill up my water bottle before I board the plane.
  2.  Mophie Powerstation 3X External Battery Pack: My phone battery drains extra fast when I’m snapping photos on vacation or using Google Maps. I like to keep a charged up external battery pack on hand cause no one likes that empty feeling when your phone dies.
  1. Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence: Airplanes can suck the life out of your skin. I like to keep this hydrating spray on hand – whenever I’m feeling drab (especially post nap), I’ll spritz myself with this spray and you’ll instantly feel more fresh.
  2. Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones: I listen podcasts, music and watch movies on the plane. A pair of premium headphones makes the experience so much better.
  3. Puregear Selfie Stick: I too judged people with selfie sticks, but after breaking out the stick last year in LA, I realized what I was missing. It gives me such good angles and it’s great for vlogging. Selfie sticks are also really fun with a big group of friends, everyone loves to gather in for a group shot.
  4. Nike Air Max Zero Sneakers: Sneakers are a travel essential cause you want to be comfortable. I’m guilty of always buying black sneaks, but they’re probably the most versatile, I can still manage to look put together while boarding a plane.
  5. UE Roll 2 Bluetooth Speakers: I’ve been a fan of the UE boom line of bluetooth speakers for about two years now. This one is the portable waterproof travel version. I like to play music while I’m getting ready at a hotel or Airbnb.
  6. TELUS US Easy Roam: If I’m travelling to the United States, I get the TELUS US Easy Roam for $7/day. I can use my phone as if it were in Canada, call my parents at home to let them know I’ve arrived safely, text my friends and use my data to search Google Maps or look up restaurants on Yelp. It makes the world a difference.
  7. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask: It’s common for me to look exhausted when I travel – early morning flights are killer! To give myself a boost, I use these eye masks – sometimes on the plane or when I reach my hotel or Airbnb. They somehow help me look presentable even if I haven’t gotten any sleep.

These are my travel essentials! Now the question is – what destination to go to next?

As a TELUS Advocate this year I’ll be sharing stories in partnership with TELUS. All opinions are my own.

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