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Tips & Tricks for Dealing With Dry, Sensitive Skin

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The elements really take a toll on your skin, and now that we’re officially into spring our skin is trying to adapt and may act out a bit. Others are prone to dry, sensitive skin no matter what time of year it is. I happen to fall under this category so I feel your pain when it comes to dry patches, flakiness and chapped lips.

These are some factors that may be contributing to your dry, sensitive skin: certain products, cold exposure, chemicals or procedures. Even water can be damaging to your skin by over washing or aggravating your skin with whatever scrubs or even wash cloth you’re using to wash your face.

Moisturizer is a must-have when dealing with your dry skin woes. They help decrease water loss in your skin and lock moisture in. Some moisturizer formulas are better suited for different body parts and needs. The active ingredients in your skincare products are best delivered to your dry skin by a lotion for your face, a cream for your body and an ointment or balm for your lips, hands and feet. Here are a few of my favourites that I have on constant rotation in my routine:

Vichy AquailaFor Face: Vichy Aquaria Thermal ExtraSensitive Lotion, $30 CAD, London Drugs

Jergen Wet SkinFor Body #1: Jergen Moisturizer For Wet Skin (Coconut is my go-to), $6.98 CAD, Walmart

CurelFor Body #2: Curel’s Rough Skin Rescue, $7.99 CAD, London Drugs

Lip Sleep MaskFor Lips #1: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $24 CAD, Sephora

MUFE Ultra HD lipsFor Lips #2: Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Lip Booster, $29 CAD, Sephora

How to Wash Your Face When It’s Dry and Sensitive

Washing your face can be a bit daunting if your skin is more sensitive especially when you want to ensure you’re being thorough. Here’s the best way to gently wash your face:

  1. Use a cotton pad, made of real cotton, like this one:

Shiseido CottonShiseido Facial Cotton, $11 CAD, Hudson’s Bay

  1. Use an alcohol-free toner which is better for sensitive skin. Dermatologists will most likely recommend something that’s known to be well tolerated like a Micellar Water. I like these two:

Vichy MicellarVichy Purete Thermale 3-in-1 Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution, $15.75 CAD, London Drugs

Garnier MicellarGarnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water for Dry & Sensitive Skin, $7.99 CAD, London Drugs

  1. Start with your eyes to help loosen up mascara, smudge-proof liner or long-wear shadows. You may need to use more than just one cotton pad depending on the amount of makeup you’re wearing that day.
  1. Then move onto the middle of your face and work your way outwards.
  1. Lastly, wipe the perimeter of your face along your hairline to avoid any acne or leftover makeup at your hairline.

Also, when your skin is acting up or you’re experiencing winter itch, opt for showers over baths. Keep showers short and use warm water, not hot water. Once you hop out of the shower, lightly towel dry and apply your body cream and facial serum when your skin is still damp.

Do you have any product go-to’s for your dry, sensitive skin?

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