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Affordable Ways To Decorate Your Apartment As A Renter

Haven’t you heard? Staying in is the new going out! Well, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But I think we can all agree on the importance of a home that feels like a sanctuary from the stress of work and daily life. And to be a sanctuary, that home needs to feel like your own.

Now that can be a little tricky when you have a rental apartment and a strict landlord. It can be difficult to find creative ways to customize your space when you aren’t allowed hang photos, paint your walls or put up shelving. But fear not – there are tons of inventive ways to dress up your spot! Below are some of the easiest and most affordable ways to decorate your apartment as a renter.

1. Add Colour with Washi Tape

Washi TapePhoto via Freckle and Fair

washi tape 2Washi Tape, $4.29 CAD, DeSerres – Colorful washi tape can be used on just about anything (even furniture), but it’s particularly stunning for wall art or as temporary wall paper. It can be removed instantly and leaves no trace at all. And at less than $5 a pack, you may want to switch up your aesthetic often.

2. Add Greenery

PlantsPhoto via Jaclyn Campanaro

You would be shocked by how much plants add to the ambiance of a room! Inexpensive, yet stylish, plants add colour, purify the air and add life to your space. Far from a green thumb? Try succulents and ivy, which need very little care, but look absolutely beautiful (and can be easily propagated for even more plants!).

Check out your local plant nursery (they can tell you a bit more about what kind of plant will match your skill/commit level).

3. Upgrade Your Window Coverings

ikea curtainsLenda, $29.99 CAD, IKEA – I lived with awful blinds for years assuming they weren’t worth replacing because I’d move eventually. But replacing the dingy vertical blinds in your apartment makes all the difference! Treat yourself to fresh curtains (or blackout blinds for the bedroom), to help your apartment feel more like a permanent home.

4. Display Art

shelternessPhoto via Shelterness

Command stripsCommand Picture Hanging Strips, $3.98 CAD, Home Depot – I know, putting holes in the wall is a cardinal sin as a renter. But I have the solution for you: Command Hanging Strips. As long as you follow the instructions (and I mean actually follow them to a T), they don’t leave a mark – even if you leave your wall art up for years. They come in three sizes, the largest of which can hold pictures up to 24×36 inches. So go ahead and create the gallery wall of your dreams!

5. Cover Unsightly Light Fixtures

drum shadePhoto via instructables

Older rental apartments always come with some pretty dated light fixtures. And while it can be scary to think of changing up anything electrical, you don’t need to replace your light fixtures – you can just cover them up! Isabelle LaRue from Engineer Your Space provides instructions here on how to make a customizable drum shade to cover any fixture. Cute, hand crafted and unique!

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