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The Best False Lashes To Complete Any Holiday Look

Originally published December 9, 2015

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One of the best ways to complete your holiday makeup look is by adding a set of gorgeous false lashes! It will make your whole makeup look come together and really pop, regardless of whether you went for a full smoky eye with lots of sparkle or if you did a simple winged liner paired with a red lip. False lashes are the accent that complete any look, take it to the next level and draw more attention to the eyes. Holiday and New Year beauty looks are all about the fun and glam. What says holiday party more than big, fluffy lashes and bright highlighter?

Depending on the look you’re going for, there is a huge variety of lash styles to choose from. You can go for something quite natural just to lengthen, thicken and boost your natural lashes or you could go for a style that’s more over the top and dramatic. Individual lashes are a great option for those of you who wish to build out a specific area of your natural lashes, perhaps elongating them at the outer edges, which would work perfectly with a winged liner or emphasizing them in the center to open up the eyes. I also find individuals easier to apply compared to a full lash, so if you’re a little timid of applying lashes, I’d recommend starting out with individuals. Individuals can even be used on your bottom lash line, just place each cluster in between your own lashes, focusing on the outer corner.

A few tips to make your application easier:

  • Once you’ve pulled your lashes out of their packaging, wrap each lash around one of your makeup brushes for a few minutes before putting them on, this will give them a nice curve so they fit the shape of your eye.
  • Once you’ve applied your glue, wait! Let it dry slightly and get tacky before applying the lashes, this will make it less messy.
  • The best angle to apply your lashes is if you are looking down, into your mirror. Unfortunately, it’s the same angle as when you turn on your camera on your phone and it’s on selfie mode and you’re not ready, hello double chin. Trust me, the angle works best and will allow you to get the most accurate placement.
  • If you’re applying a full strip lash, apply them by holding the middle of the lashes with a pair of tweezers and align with the center of your eye before placing them on the middle of your eye, then position each end of the lash strip with your tweezers to make sure they are placed snugly against your lash line.
  • Line your upper waterline and lash line with black liner after you’ve applied your falsies to ensure the lash strip is concealed and add even more emphasis to your lash line.

Here are our picks for the best lashes, there are even some drugstore options in here! Have fun and make sure to bat those lashes, especially in a photo booth.

MUFE LashesMake Up For Ever Artist Lashes, $22 CAD, Sephora – These are super light weight and have a super-slim, flexible band making them oh-so comfortable to wear. They come in a range of natural volume, winged, dramatic volume and artistic styles to satisfy literally any makeup look. I’m personally in love with the natural volume and winged styles, I find them so wearable.

Lash LabLash Lab, $32 CAD, Beauty Mark

House of Lashes IconicIconic, approx $16 CAD + shipping fee from US, House of Lashes – If you can get your hands on their style ‘Iconic’ consider yourself lucky, it’s a beauty YouTuber favourite and sells out constantly and for good reason, if not their style ‘Boudoir’ is just as stunning.

sephora fluff'n thick Velour Silk Lashes Fluff’n Thick Silk Lash Collection in Fluff’n Whispie, $34 CAD, Sephora – Don’t let the price intimidate you, they are totally worth it, they will last you up to 25 wears and are guaranteed to look amazing. I find them one of the most comfortable brands to wear.

Ardell Double IndividualsArdell Double Individuals Medium, approx $ 10 CAD, available at drugstores, Walmart or Amazon

What are your go-to false lashes?

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