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Industry Insider: Jenna & Chandler Ole Herbut

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This weekend be sure to check out MAKE IT! at the Roundhouse Arts and Recreation Centre in Yaletown for one-of-kind items from some of the the most talented Canadian artisans. With a wide selection of fashion, art and design we asked JENNA HERBUT and CHANDLER OLE HERBUT the dynamic brother and sister duo to share their thoughts on MAKE IT, each others’ style and why they think Vancouver is such a creative place.

Tell us about MAKE IT!…
Chandler: CRAFT SHOW + PARTY = MAKE IT! Make It is a totally new event for Vancouver where you can shop for one-of-a-kind items from over 65 top Canadian artisans & designers! We’re fully licensed and you can enjoy music that’s spun by Vancouver’s hottest DJs!
Jenna: Make It is a new, hip twist on the conventional craft show! We spice it up with DJs, booze and really awesome indie designers who are selling anything from clothing, art, fashion accessories and home décor. The Roundhouse is the perfect venue because it is so gorgeous and funky. Make It will definitely have a party vibe!

Day jobs…
Chandler: Producing Make It, but I’m also very busy with my clothing company Ole Originals.
Jenna: Producing events and designing accessories. Chandler and I are very focused on taking the Make It brand national and producing shows all over the country.

Describe each others’ style…
Chandler: Jenna seem to be stuck in the early 90’s. If MC Hammer and Cindy Lauper had a love child Jenna would be it! Baggy florescent pants, Reebok pumps, and a bomber jacket is most commonly what you will see Jenna sporting around Vancouver. Haha just kidding. She dresses very well, but I’m just a dude so what do I really know about women’s fashion?
Jenna: Chandler’s style is pretty laid back and casual. He usually wears jeans, a T-shirt (Ole Originals of course!) and sneakers. Sometimes he takes it up a notch and will wear a button down shirt when he is dressed to impress the ladies!

Best part of what you do…
Chandler: I love working with so many interesting people.
Jenna: Working with creative, ambitious and positive people! I also really love shopping at Make It because you can find the coolest things that no one else has.

How did you get started…
Chandler: My sister Jenna has been involved in the industry for a long time and I always had fun helping her out. We knew we would work well together since our skills complement each other, so one day we just decided to go for it!
Jenna: I started producing a fashion and art show in Edmonton about 2 years ago under the name Stop & Shop. The inspiration was to create a shopping event that young, cool people would want to check out. I figured that if a craft show was more like a party it would definitely be more appealing to my peers.

What makes Vancouver such a creative city…
Chandler: I think it’s because Vancouverites embrace and support the arts so well.
Jenna: I think the West Coast naturally draws the most creative people from all over the country. There is such an incredible mix of fashion, art, music and theater in Vancouver and I feel so lucky to live here. It also feels like Vancouverites really support the local scene which is fantastic!

Chandler, our readers want to know if you are single in the city…
Haha, wow this interview just got a little personal. Yes as a mater of fact I am! For all you ladies, you know where to find me.

Aliyah Shamsher, The Style Spy

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