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I caught up with Vancouver jewellery designer Trudy Wynans from Toodlebunny Designs to find out the inspiration behind her Fall ’09 collection. I have to say, my fave is the Chain Mail Fringe Bib Necklace – to-die-for.

Chain Mail Fringe Bib Necklace $275 CAD

Medevil Charms Bracelet $125 CAD
My latest collection, ECOUTURE, conveys an image of old-world craftsmanship meeting modern day sustainable design. Pieces from this collection are hand-crafted predominantly with sustainable materials. Reclaimed leather, vintage dead-stock brass chains & charms, and rare finds are transformed with hand braiding, asymmetry and draped chains creating an environmentally conscious, yet fashionable jewelry line. ECOUTURE will focus on statement pieces that are fashion forward, yet totally wearable. The collection will be exclusive in the sense that these pieces will only be available as either one of a kind, or depending on material availability, limited to one of a few.

Saints N Angels Mismatched Earrings $82 CAD

My line has become known for it’s assymetrical pieces, especially the mismatched earrings. I hadn’t created a new mismatched earring design for some time. The pressure was on but well worth it. I’m really pleased with how Saint’s N’ Angels evolved, they are definately my new faves!

Toodlebunny is available in Vancouver at Fine Finds in Yaletown, Ishara at Oakridge Centre and Shop Cocoon on Cambie Street and in Toronto at Bubble Pop Beauty.

Erica Lam, The Style Spy


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  1. I’ve always loved mismatched earrings – Betsey Johnson has some great ones! I love these from Toodlebunny!

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