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Guy of the Week

Oh Peter. He’s a familiar face on The Style Spy. Oakridge Style Agent. The Starving Stylist. And overall badass. I would never want to stand in a picture next to Guy of the Week PETER HOANG – his pose is way to fierce to compete with. Aspiring fashion writer, freelance stylist and dwelling local socialite, there is never a dull moment with Peter.

Wearing…H&M trench coat, Gap shirt, Acne Jeans, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and Balenciaga bag.

Label Love…The Devil Wears Prada and so does the Starving Stylist. But, I might not be able to afford Prada, Dior Homme or Marc Jacobs as much as I would like to but I can definitely dream or even starve in order to have enough money for a small piece each season.

Last purchase…Another pair of Acne Jeans from Jonathan & Olivia. They are amazing jeans that just fit superbly well and are ridiculously comfortable.

Next purchase…A grey cashmere turtle neck that is light enough for layering clothing but warm enough for the winter. I’ve also have been eyeing this Louis Vuitton Sporty Beaubourg bag for quite sometime now, so I might have to indulge in an early Christmas gift for myself and purchase it!

Top style advice for guys…Shoes can make and break an outfit. Just the quality of the shoe to how it is kept says a lot about a guy. Scuffed up and ratty shoes show unprofessionalism and carelessness while polished and new shoes show confidence and class. P.S. Running shoes are for the gym and should stay that way.

Wish guys would stop wearing…Do I dare say this and have tattooed guys attack me with their Gucci man-purses?—Bring it on because I pray to God daily for guys in this city to stop wearing Ed Hardy and it’s slew of annoyingly disgusting bejewelled & tattoo-inspired spawns that are polluting this city!

Signature Scent…Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme.

Dream shopping trip…NEW YORK CITY! I would donate one of my eternal organs for the opportunity to jet off to New York City for a week to shop right about now.

Friday night hot spot…Fortune Sound Club on 147 East Pender Street in Chinatown is the newest place to be and be seen. It’s like avant garde meets street style, how fashionistas mingle with the punks and where the pretentious attitude is left behind the door when you walk in. It’s a definite good time.

Guilty pleasure…Shopping at Winners —I LOVE my designer clothes at discount prices.

Erica Lam, The Style Spy

Reader's Comments

  1. I agree.. Peter is FIERCE!!!!

    And amen to no more Ed Hardy in Vancouver. Yuck.

  2. Werk!

  3. Love him! His blog is HILARIOUS.

  4. Probably THE best pick of all the weeks!

  5. YES! Peter is Guy of the Month maybe even Year!
    congrats and love you darling!

  6. Peter ♥ Simply amazing guys! 🙂

  7. I saw him featured on Style Quotient – loved his boots !

  8. Finally a guy of the week worth mentioning!

  9. Amen to the “Top Style Advice for Guys” – it’s always about the shoes. Love the trench coat, very chic!

  10. mr starving stylist is all around us

  11. Great Guy of the Week pick! Peter’s blog is always enjoyable.

  12. I LOVE this man! He has the best style – he puts other fashionistas to shame! Work it 🙂

  13. love love love his comment on the Ed Hardy =D
    I, too, feel the same way LOL

  14. The Starving Stylist is totally fabulous!

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