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Mixing Comfort and Style: Slouchy Lounge Pants

Slouchy and sexy seems like the ultimate fashion oxymoron. When the trend of lounge pants paired with heels first hit the runways, my immediate thoughts were that sweatpants and heels are meant to invoke two separate frames of mind and are right for two very different occasions. Sweats are for nights in on the couch, and not-so-comfy heels are meant to make you feel glamourous. However, I have warmed up to the idea. If you want to try this trend out for yourself, my number one rule is to make it chic and not sloppy. Stay away from the oversized gym sweats and stick to dressier lounge pants that taper at the ankle. Pair them with a fitted blazer, a cotton tee, and ankle booties. Most importantly is to rock this look with major confidence. Sweatpants or stilettos? How about the best of both worlds!

Reader's Comments

  1. This is a verrry forward look for someone to do in Vancouver, but I really hope I see someone attempting it!

    Tell me how you are high maintenance & win a pair of House of Harlow earrings in Part 1 of my Holiday Giveaway Bonanza!

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