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Hot Off the Press

…yet another, new mascara. But, before Style Spy girls click away, know it’s different and dare we say, phenomenal! Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes mascara boasts a unique round sphere brush – looks like an upside-down heart – and lets gals coat each and every lash from root...

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Tools of the Trade

For most, curling the eyelashes is either a terrifying or unsuccessful experience – or both. From stories of ripping out precious eyelashes (and praying they’ll grow back) to results reminiscent of icky spider legs, something’s gotta give. Trade in old skool lash curlers, and give...

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Sweet Dreams

If back to school anxiety has Style Spy girls saying buh-bye to beauty sleep, try some p.m. pampering to encourage more shut eye. Unwind in a hot, bubble bath brimming with calming lotus thanks to Body Shop’s Dreamboat Milk Bath ($20). Towel off and smooth...

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Beautiful Blender

Let’s face it, disposable makeup sponges aren’t so eco-friendly. The one a day habit is bound to wreak havoc on the environment and the beauty budget. Enter Beautyblender ($20). Invented by two Hollywood makeup artists, this hot pink, teardrop-shaped sponge promises to deliver a flawless,...

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Caffeine Fiend

Many a late summer night has Style Spy girls craving an extra kick of caffeine – sometimes a gal needs more than the morning cuppa joe.  Resist the urge to indulge in a second cup and opt instead for a BodyCoffee in the shower. A...

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