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Let There Be Leg

It goes without saying that maxi skirts and dresses are everywhere right now. As easy to pull on as a pair of shorts, but with double the style points, their breezy appeal is obvious. Even so, it can be hard to make the transition from...

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Polka Dots

Polka dots have always seemed overly cutesy to me – better suited to the Minnie Mouse set than to the wardrobe of a well-dressed young woman. But the crop of chic polka dotted blouses and dresses that have been popping up in stores recently has...

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Sometimes the fashion world can seem so serious, not to mention infinitely inaccessible. Luckily there are tchotchkes like Fred Flare’s Prèt-à-Portea to keep fashion fun. A play on the term prêt-à-porter (aka ready-to-wear clothing in French), these humorous teabags feature major players like Karl Lagerfeld...

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Splurge vs. Steal: Enamel Bracelets

Hermès is most commonly associated with a few iconic items: Birkin bags, silk scarves, and anything emblazoned with the brand’s signature ‘H’. Of said monogrammed objects, I have to say that I especially lust over the enamel bracelets. Simultaneously chic, timeless, and just a little...

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Peachy Keen

Okay, so my love of pastels is hardly the Style Spy’s best-kept secret… but can anyone really blame me? What better than light and girly tones to complement the shedding of winter’s dark shroud. After mint green, I’d say that peach is my muted hue...

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