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Gel Manicure Detox: Give Your Nails Some TLC

One could say I have a slight obsession with nail polish; gel nail polish to be precise. Its shiny, glossy and flawless effect lasts for two weeks straight and really can’t be beat when compared with regular polish. When the gel manicure was first introduced...

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Best Of: Makeup & Hair Tips

It’s amazing how things can look up when you have a good hair day. A flawless, fresh face doesn’t hurt either. In case you missed them the first time around, check out our best makeup and hair tips. Use These Tricks to Tame & Say...

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How A Bar Of Soap Cured My Acne

In grade 12, I started developing a bit of acne. It didn’t bother me initially but as it got worse, I decided to seek advice from my doctor, which was to use Proactive. After having success with Proactive and thinking my acne was a thing...

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