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Keep Your Mane Tame Through Fall & Winter

It’s as if our hair knows as soon as the fall and winter seasons are upon us and our hair starts misbehaving making it difficult to achieve flawless hair days. Frizz, static, fly-a-ways, dry scalp and brittle strands are all signs that the weather is getting to and damaging your delicate do.

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Look Alive! How To Do Your Makeup When You’re Sick

After a lovely week in Portland where perhaps I had a little too much fun, I returned to Vancouver with a full-fledged cold. As such, I was faced with the challenging task of making myself look healthy when I was eventually forced to leave the house instead of loafing on my couch and watching Gilmore Girls (the entirety of which is now on Netflix!).

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Straight Edge: This Season’s Hottest Hair Style, The Blunt Cut

I recently took a trip to Suki’s in Vancouver to finally get a pair of shears taken to my damaged hair. While I, as usual, opted for the smallest trim I could manage while still lopping off my dead ends, I took the opportunity to ask my stylist what kinds of cuts she’s gotten the most requests for this season. Without hesitation her answer was the blunt cut.

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