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Luscious Lip Stains You Need Now

I am all about lip stains as of late. I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to makeup, but I do enjoy that just bitten colour. However, I hate the way that lipstick tends to rub off, and reapplying throughout the day can feel like a bit more effort than I’d like to put into my daily routine. I wanted a product that would stay put, feel natural and give me a hint (or a bright burst) of color.

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Beauty Trend You Need To Try: Bright Matte Lips

Bold, matte lips are one of spring’s prettiest beauty trends and they are flattering on just about everyone. I always think of Solonge Knowles as one of the best celebs to look to for matte lip beauty inspiration, she often rocks the bright orange-red or fuchsia matte lip. Here’s why you’ll love this beauty look as well as tips for applying and rockin’ a matte lip.

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Inside My Bag: Beauty Travel Essentials

Figuring out what beauty products to pack when you’re travelling can be a challenge. You really don’t want to skip anything you use on a daily basis and you also want to pack options like multiple lipstick colours. Once you’re at your destination, it’s time...

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Working Oils Into Your Beauty Routine

Your beauty regime is something that needs to be reliable and consistent, however, there are so many beauty lotions, potions and ointments. Oils are still fairly new to the market in terms of how they should be used. Great treatment oils to look out for...

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