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A Travel Guide To New York

New York, the city where dreams are made. There’s something magical about NYC – a certain energy that runs through the city. Every neighbourhood is distinct yet familiar and there’s always a beautiful restaurant, café, or building waiting around the corner. I was fortunate enough...

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A Travel Guide To Tokyo

Earlier, I shared ’11 Useful Tips When Travelling In Japan’ and “5 Closet Essentials Spotted in Japan”. And now, here’s my final installment from my Japan travels, a guide to a few of my favourite spots in Tokyo. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Shinjuku Where does one go to...

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11 Useful Tips When Travelling In Japan

I'm just coming off a 12-day vacation in Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo & a few places in between) and cannot stop thinking about the kind people, the rich culture and the food, oh the food was delicious. This was my first trip to Japan and I learned some handy tips when travelling in Japan. Here's a list to help you along on your journeys.

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