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Foolproof Office Ready Dresses

How often are you rushing in the morning to head into the office? Studies show, women from ages 16-60 take about 16 minutes everyday figuring out what to wear. I couldn’t agree more, I hate to admit it, but it might even take me longer.

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Chic Suede Pumps

There’s just something so luxe about a suede (or faux suede) shoe. It looks rich and supple, and somehow goes with everything for fall; leather pants, pencil skirts, dark denim – you name it, it works.

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What’s On Your Fall Wish List?

We’ve gone through all the fall fashion mags, perused our favourite fashion blogs and of course, scoped out the stores. Fall fashion is in full swing and it’s time to see what we’ve all got on our fall wish list. I surveyed the team to...

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