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My Juicing Journey: Are Juice Cleanses Worth It?

So what exactly is the purpose of a juice cleanse? Some schools of thought say it’s for cleaning toxins out of your body, some people say it’s a system reset, others say it’s just a quick way to drop five pounds. I don’t really know which is true, but sometimes I like to do one when I’ve had a particularly gluttonous few months.

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The Printed Coat Makes a Statement

We can always justify having a new coat in our closet. It’s that transitional time of year where we put our winter coats away and bring on the spring layers! You immediately notice the change in weather when street style turns from dark to light and we start to see some skin. Get into the...

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Packing Tips for The Jet-Set Season

Tis the season for warm weather jaunts to greener pastures – be it a weekend in Vegas, a getaway in Cabo or island hopping in Greece – and mastering the art of packing is essential to create a fuss free, fashionable journey. Having lived out of one suitcase for two months in Paris over three seasons of shows, (amongst other travels), I feel that I’ve perfected said craft pretty well. Here are a few tips I picked up on the way.

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