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Look Alive! How To Do Your Makeup When You’re Sick

After a lovely week in Portland where perhaps I had a little too much fun, I returned to Vancouver with a full-fledged cold. As such, I was faced with the challenging task of making myself look healthy when I was eventually forced to leave the house instead of loafing on my couch and watching Gilmore Girls (the entirety of which is now on Netflix!).

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Straight Edge: This Season’s Hottest Hair Style, The Blunt Cut

I recently took a trip to Suki’s in Vancouver to finally get a pair of shears taken to my damaged hair. While I, as usual, opted for the smallest trim I could manage while still lopping off my dead ends, I took the opportunity to ask my stylist what kinds of cuts she’s gotten the most requests for this season. Without hesitation her answer was the blunt cut.

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