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Lip Colour To Love: Hot Pink Lipstick

If bright lipstick seems like  the kind of thing that only professional makeup artists or ‘it’ girls can wear – then think again. There’s no better time to experiment with colour, and lipstick is a super simple, foolproof way to do so. Our favourite colour...

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Just Try It: The Denim Vest

Right about now, I’m wishing that I still had my denim vest from childhood (and it goes without saying, it’d obviously still fit) When it comes to the denim vest, there is a ton of sartorial inspiration out there and endless ways to wear it....

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The New Handbag: The Backpack

I never thought I’d wear a backpack again. For me, backpacks ended the day I graduated from University! Now that I'm an adult – there’s no need for something that carries my books to and from campus. But I stand corrected. Leading up to the fall season, there are backpacks both functional and stylish – options that can actually serve as a new handbag. Backpacks are great for weekends, day trips, or even a night out – overall, a perfect, must-have accessory.

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