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Saved by the Bell

Even when cramming for exams, ladies still love looking cute. Study groups are great for checking out the newest slumber-cool fashions, from graphic tees, to hoodies, to Ugg look-a-likes. If this Style Spy was hitting the books, I would be adding one-plus-one in these comfy...

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Fave New Store

With lines like Play with Fala, Mother Trucker, KBO Clothing, Gaya handbags, and accessories from Gio Belli and Howlingdog, the new 4th Avenue boutique (2005 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver) is a must on this Style Spy’s list of shopping destinations. Giving another reason (as if...

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Perfect Match

Who could forget the Wonder Years? Winnie and Kevin were so adorable. Or what about dirty dancers Johnny and Baby? Feeling romantical? Romeo and Juliet might channel some poetic love speak. These famous pairs are just a few of the catchy names behind Tarte’s Double-Ended...

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Hello Mabel

Chulo Pony Mabel Dress, $188 Chulo Pony is available online at and at various stores including Miss Coquette (4372 West 10th, Vancouver), Spank and Frock (97 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto)

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Prize 30: Napoleon Perdis Satin Gloss

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Style Spy, we are having a 31 Backstage Pass Prize Giveaway. Any Style Spy member (who holds a Backstage Pass) will be eligible for the 31 wicked prizes we have lined up. GET YOUR BACKSTAGE PASS NOW!...

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