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Just Frontin’

I can’t help it. I sometimes just end up shopping when I really should be working. I made a quick pit stop at one of my faves today, Front & Co. Did someone say chocolate? I parked on a random street right in front of...

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Industry Insider: Wade Papin & Danielle Wilmore

Industry Insider is your all-access pass into the lives of Canada’s most sought-after fashion and beauty experts WHO: Wade Papin & Danielle Wilmore WHAT: Jewelry Designers, Pyrrha WHERE: Vancouver The beginning… We started Pyrrha because at the time the category of ‘non-throwaway fashion jewelry’ barely...

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Lust Worthy: Born To Ride

Jimmy Choo Rabbit-Lined Motorcycle Boot I know, I know. It’s the middle of summer and I haven’t even finished buying everything on my summer wish list and now I’ve started day-dreaming about want I want to wear this fall. I would really love some elbow-length gloves, maybe a vintage...

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Compact Style – Mackage Anoraks

I’m not going to lie, I’m not exactly low maintenance and that especially rings true when it comes to packing for a trip. While a two piece luggage allowance is quite cruel, it’s not impossible and I always do my best to pare down as...

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Honey to the Bee

Something’s abuzz over at MAC Cosmetics with the release of their summer Naked Honey collection. Envelope yourself in golden warmth and sun made sweetness. The clever honeycomb pattern embossed powders and skin salve made with organic beeswax and sunflower oil are definitely worth bringing back...

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