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Fashion Live! Pix

Check out The Style Spy’s Fashion Live! shows at Metropolis at Metrotown Off The Wall Fashion Live! Vozz Fashion Live! Garage Fashion Live! Plenty Fashion Live! Le Chateau Fashion Live! Bootlegger Fashion Live! Levi’s Fashion Live! Mark your calendars. Check out The Style Spy’s Finale...

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Tools of the Trade

For most, curling the eyelashes is either a terrifying or unsuccessful experience – or both. From stories of ripping out precious eyelashes (and praying they’ll grow back) to results reminiscent of icky spider legs, something’s gotta give. Trade in old skool lash curlers, and give...

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Plaid is Rad

Designers can’t get enough of plaid – it’s not just for Catholic school girls or the Scottish lads anymore. Just look to Michael Kors and D&G, where skirts, dresses, and coats were made in the coveted pattern. Be sure to pick up a piece to...

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Sweet Dreams

If back to school anxiety has Style Spy girls saying buh-bye to beauty sleep, try some p.m. pampering to encourage more shut eye. Unwind in a hot, bubble bath brimming with calming lotus thanks to Body Shop’s Dreamboat Milk Bath ($20). Towel off and smooth...

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