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Beauty Secret

All good things must be shared, especially low cost beauty secrets that pack a lot of punch.  My dear aunt let me in on her little beauty secret -  Filipino Likas Papaya soap to get my sensitive and allergy prone skin smooth and clear. The...

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The Plastics

Ralph Lauren Karly Jelly Sandal $195.00 CAD A year ago, if anyone had said that I should add a pair of jelly sandals to my shoe collection I would have smiled politely and said ‘thanks but no thanks,’ after which I would probably start laughing....

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Punk Chic

Get your ticket for the next punk show —it’s time to bring out the spikes, studs and anything a little 80’s…a little rock, all while looking chic, of course. Unleash your edgier side all you conservative gals, I know you have it in you. I’m...

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Beauty Counter: Summer Style

From the top hairstylists to the most in-demand makeup artists, our beauty experts share their insider perspective on the latest hair and makeup tips and trends Toying with getting a new haircut this summer? Or maybe changing up your colour? I asked ROSS KWAN, Associate...

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