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Saving Face

Some celebs seem to have the most perfect skin: Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon, and Blake Lively. But in reality, they have imperfections, including pesky blemishes and breakouts. While these A-listers have the best makeup artists on speed dial and can afford weekly facials and microdermabrasion treatments...

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Paige Adams-Geller

PAIGE ADAMS-GELLER is the former Miss California behind Paige Premium Denim, a high-end denim line that has graced the butts of Hollywood’s hottest celebs. Recently the beautiful former model also penned “Your Perfect Fit” with co-author Ashley Borden combining fashion and fitness in an effort...

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Prize 5 – Mavi Lindy Dry Ink Jeans

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Style Spy, we are having a 31 Backstage Pass Prize Giveaway throughout the months of August and September. Any Style Spy member (who holds a Backstage Pass) will be eligible for the 31 wicked prizes we have...

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Pretty Little Things

Toodlebunny VIVA! Necklace Available in Vancouver at Briers, Fine Finds, Shop Cocoon and Barefoot Contessa

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Head of the Class

Even if it’s been years since this Style Spy girl has dealt with exams, vicious gossip or a broken teenage heart, this Fall they’ll be aching to channel the collegiate look courtesy of knee high socks, plaid skirts and crisp white shirts. And thanks to...

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