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Covet This

Want it. Need it. Covet. We’re speaking of the clothing line, Covet. A collection known for its natural fibers like organic cotton yarn and soybean blends. We eyed the effortlessy cool fall collection, sprinkled with cropped trenches, oversized car coats, cozy sweater dresses and wraps...

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Hauntingly Haute Costumes

Leave it to the ladies of Sex and the City to say it best when it comes to Halloween costumes: Miranda: The only two choices for women – witch and sexy kitten. Carrie: Oh, you just said a mouthful there sister. The haunting hotties at...

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Seeing Red

We are Adoring Carmine – the new limited-edition MAC Cosmetics Holiday Lip and Brush bags (of joy). For the pout, the 3 Red Lips, 3 Neutral Lips, and 3 Rose Lips ($42 each trio) drawstring purses come with two full-sized Lipsticks (in the respective colour...

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