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Industry Insider: Jenna & Chandler Ole Herbut

Industry Insider is your all-access pass into the lives of Canada’s most sought-after fashion and beauty experts This weekend be sure to check out MAKE IT! at the Roundhouse Arts and Recreation Centre in Yaletown for one-of-kind items from some of the the most talented...

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Lust Worthy: The New Statement

The It bag is quickly being replaced by the It shoe. Last season it was all about the YSL Tributes and this season, during the Fall 09 runway presentations, every It girl and editor alike were seen wearing the Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandal. FASHION Magazine,...

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Beauty Secret

All good things must be shared, especially low cost beauty secrets that pack a lot of punch.  My dear aunt let me in on her little beauty secret -  Filipino Likas Papaya soap to get my sensitive and allergy prone skin smooth and clear. The...

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The Plastics

Ralph Lauren Karly Jelly Sandal $195.00 CAD A year ago, if anyone had said that I should add a pair of jelly sandals to my shoe collection I would have smiled politely and said ‘thanks but no thanks,’ after which I would probably start laughing....

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Punk Chic

Get your ticket for the next punk show —it’s time to bring out the spikes, studs and anything a little 80’s…a little rock, all while looking chic, of course. Unleash your edgier side all you conservative gals, I know you have it in you. I’m...

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