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Tasha Chiu

To see this Girl of the Week in full force, you may have to set you alarm. For a gal that always gets up before the sun, she is not only a natural beauty but also a natural on screen. TASHA CHIU is the fresh...

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Can’t Live Without You

Your trusty handbag. Whether it’s your coveted Chanel quilted tote a la Lauren Conrad. Your vegan friendly Matt & Nat Jorja Fox. Or the cobalt blue patent satchel you found randomly in the isles of Winners. One things for sure, you would feel utterly lost...

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Swimsuit 101

Love picking a new summer wardrobe, hate choosing an itsy, bitsy yellow polka dot bikini. Somewhere between grabbing a swimsuit off the rack and the three way mirror of the dressing room, all lustre is lost. However, I have come to terms with my far...

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A spring trend that has carried over from fall, these feminine Ombre pumps from Prada retail for a whopping $490. Luckily for those of us without Blair Waldorf’s trust fund, Joe Fresh has come out with their own take on the colour-bleeding trend with these...

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Pretty in a Palette

Hitting any makeup apothecary, department store or drugstore in search of some new makeup can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to eyeshadow. We recommend following the K.I.S.S. principle –you know, ‘keep it simple, s****d’. And, not that we don’t think your capable of choosing...

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