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3 LBD’s You Need

By now, we all know that we need to have at least one little black dress (or LBD) in our closet. We’ve heard them praised and worshipped for decades and have know all about the simplistic power of the ever perfect little black dress.

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The Blanket Layers

I don’t know about you, but as the weather drops, all I want to do is stay under my duvet in good company. That comforting feeling of being under the blankets, cozied up is maybe the best feeling in the world. Unfortunately, we can’t all live this way.

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New Ways to Wear Denim

Denim is a wardrobe staple for a reason. It’s comfortable, comes in hundreds of colours, and goes with virtually everything. I have jeans in just about every colour and style you can think of; black jeans, white jeans, ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans – you name it, I’ve got it.

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Foolproof Office Ready Dresses

How often are you rushing in the morning to head into the office? Studies show, women from ages 16-60 take about 16 minutes everyday figuring out what to wear. I couldn’t agree more, I hate to admit it, but it might even take me longer.

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