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The Best Maxi Dresses Under $100

Hands up in the air if all you want to wear in hot weather are long flowy dresses. Queue the maxi dress. It’s a summer wardrobe staple in my books, and super stylish and glamorous with so little effort. Casual versions in cotton, linen or jersey...

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8 Tops That Will Flatter Your Arms

Confession: I’m rather self conscious when it comes to my upper arms. It seems like no matter how many Tracy Anderson arm exercises I do, I can never fully achieve the Gwenyth Paltrow-esque, slender and toned arms I crave. Perhaps I need to step up my...

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The Return Of The Denim Skirt

The last time I wore a denim skirt was back in the ’90s. If I remember correctly, it was probably one of those incredibly stiff, faded versions from the GAP! Since then, I haven’t given this ’90’s staple much of a fashion thought. But recently,...

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