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Our Favourite Drugstore Hair Products Under $20

Spring is a time for change. We start reflecting on habits and good practices we’ve set out to accomplish over the course of a year. It’s a checkpoint to see how we’ve measured up so far. Cutting back on unnecessary costs is always at the top of my list - I revisit my spending habits at least quarterly to evaluate opportunities for improvement.

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How to Keep Your Blowout Overnight

We all love a great blowout. We love the volume, the luster and the utter confidence you have leaving the salon. And after all the time and money spent on your perfect hairstyle, it only makes sense to try and stretch that fantastic look out as long as possible. After all, the only thing better than a good hair day is a long line of them!

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Summer Hair Care: Splurge vs. Save

Over the summer we tend to neglect our hair. We let it get sun-soaked, salt-damaged, chlorine-ravished and just generally deprived of TLC. And while that all feels great in the moment, it can be a bit of a wake-up call the next time you need...

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