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Houndstooth Remixed

It’s weird how much a time of year can evoke a special nostalgia in you that makes you yearn for something you never even realized you missed. Cold weather always makes me crave classic clothing styles and patterns – particularly those that are highly reminiscent...

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Winterize (With Some Tights!)

Some people have summer wardrobes and winter wardrobes, but unfortunately my shopping budget doesn’t extend that far – I have to make do with what I already own. In this battle against cold weather, layering is key for creating an all-season wardrobe, and tights (or...

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Rochelle Cross-Body Bag from Club Monaco

Luxe Coloured Bags Make A Dreary Winter Day Brighter

During the year’s gloomiest season it’s always nice to have an accessory you can easily add to any outfit for a pop of colour. That’s why I’m turning to a bold, statement-making handbag. Rich suedes, maroon, eggplant, emerald greens and navy blues are all chic,...

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3 Ways to Style A Maxi for Winter

I’m a pretty obedient person in most areas of my life, but when it comes to fashion I’m a little braver about breaking a rule or two. For example, I don’t believe in “winter” or “summer” colours, that white can’t be worn after Labour Day,...

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Floral Ear Warmer at Urban Outfitters

Accessorize and Stay Warm and Chic for Under $50

With the temperature dropping and our closets already filled with boots and comfy sweaters, it’s time to start picking up chic cold weather accessories to make your outfits pop. There’s nothing quite like feeling cozy all bundled up with a great scarf and gloves while...

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