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A Bug’s Life: Bug Inspired Jewellery

Normally, I am not a fan of the creepy crawlies. If it has more than four legs, and more than two eyes, I’m running the other direction, that is, unless they’re covered in gold. I really adore all of these bugged-out jewellery pieces. The perfect...

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My Fave Fall Toques

It’s getting cold in Vancouver again and in all honesty, I despise winter weather! I hate being cold and getting rained on is never fun.  However, there are just too many adorable fall/winter pieces for me to really dislike “raincouver” THAT much! These are some...

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Forever 21 Studded Button Up Shirt

Fall Trends Under $50

Fall shopping has always been a bit precarious for me.  I struggle with “investing” in quality coats and boots while still having enough left in the clothing budget to hit up the key trends. Fall clothes tend to be more expensive and I try to...

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