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A Lesson in Style: Geometry 101

Geometric prints are coming back in full force for 2013, and they’re making an adventurous statement. The trend is inspired by pop art and art deco and combined with global and tribal influences. Opt for monochrome garments for a pulled together look without looking chaotic....

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5 Things

When it comes to shopping, we’re currently stuck in that vague no-man’s land of post holiday and pre-spring shopping. But that doesn’t mean there’s absolutely nothing to buy. Here are 5 things I need, want, love. Now. Cooperative Talking Glove, Approx $17.73 CAD, Urban Outfitters...

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Aritzia x Mackage Kenya Leather Jacket

Leather Loves

Leather is generally associated with rock concerts and bikers, but with fashion’s twists and turns, leather has a fresh look. It is used for its texture and is an alternative fabric that is effortless. Leather is handy to have in your closet because it simply...

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