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h&m necklace

Cheap Accessory Thrills at H&M

Sometimes all you need to spice up your summer wardrobe are some trendy new accessories. Seeing as trends come and go (and I want to try them all!), I’m a firm believer in finding accessories at affordable prices. During my last browse through H&M, I...

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Top 5 Summer Sweaters

Summer Sweaters. Sounds like quite the oxymoron doesn’t it? Nonetheless, it’s a great trend that is on our side here in Vancouver. I love wearing sweaters year round. They are great to wear with your favourite pair of cutoffs, mini skirts or the of-the-moment mullet...

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Top 5 Little White Dresses

When in doubt, the little white dress (LWD) is the perfect summer go-to outfit. A cute, flirty and feminine look, owning a LWD is a must have and a summer staple. Topped with your favourite denim jacket, a cute pair of heels and a pair...

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Biker Chick Chic

I love the thought of taking long, leisurely bike rides in the sunshine during summer! Cruising through a park with friends, searching for the perfect spot at the beach or pedaling around your neighborhood to pick up a bouquet of flowers to put in your...

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