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Coachella Style + Tips

Erica and I went to Coachella 2011 last year and had the time of our lives. Sadly, we won’t be attending Coachella 2012 this coming weekend, but that doesn’t mean we don’t always have music festival style on our minds. When we go out shopping,...

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Summer Fling

Dressing for dates in the summer time can be difficult. Summer is all about easy and casual wear, so for me it’s all about looking cute without seeming like I tried too hard. Plus, depending on the activity, my go-to date night dress and heels...

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Hollister Faves

In my early years of high school, Hollister was always one of my favourite stops to hit when I’d head down to the states for some shopping. I have since grown up, but still find myself attracted towards the same classic and preppy pieces like...

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