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Keep Your Mane Tame Through Fall & Winter

It’s as if our hair knows as soon as the fall and winter seasons are upon us and our hair starts misbehaving making it difficult to achieve flawless hair days. Frizz, static, fly-a-ways, dry scalp and brittle strands are all signs that the weather is getting to and damaging your delicate do.

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How to Air Dry Your Hair

I recently had my hair done by a celebrity stylist in Beverly Hills who had the most amazing hair. It was the perfect mixture of silky and beachy, with plenty of volume and absolutely no frizz. After staring at her hair in awe for probably a little too long, I asked her what her secret was.

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Summer Hair Care: Splurge vs. Save

Over the summer we tend to neglect our hair. We let it get sun-soaked, salt-damaged, chlorine-ravished and just generally deprived of TLC. And while that all feels great in the moment, it can be a bit of a wake-up call the next time you need...

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