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A Minty Pout

Some lip plumper glosses deliver such a scary burn, Style Spy girls take a Kleenex to their puckers long before the bee-stung look can take effect. We say ditch the “pain for beauty” mantra and try CoverGirl’s new Wetslicks Amazemint lipgloss to fatten up the...

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In My Big Bag

It takes every ounce of self-restraint to head out the door with a couple of well-chosen beauty products in my bag. I mean, how am I to know in advance what I’ll need for the perfect touch-up on my hot date? My solution? Forget tiny...

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Gloss-it Girl

Lip gloss lovers….look no further. Your prayers for the perfect lip elixir have been answered. The clever people at Prescriptives have added custom lip gloss to their list of custom blend products and it’s undoubtedly the “it” gloss of the season. It’s the texture you...

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Under the Mistletoe

  Well it may not be your first kiss under the mistletoe, but a Style Spy has got to be ready with a pretty pucker when that Prince Charming swoops in for a smooch. Enter Kissable Couture’s First Kiss Collection. Created by celebrity makeup artist...

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