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We Rate & Review 4 Concealers

I’m a typical no-frills make-up girl, but due to an increase of stress in my life, I’ve noticed some unwelcomed spots on my face. And since I’ve become paranoid about them becoming the most noticeable feature on my face, I’ve stacked my makeup arsenal full...

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Beauty Counter: Get Your Shine On

There is nothing more glamorous than luminescent skin. The trick to achieving a radiant complexion is by using a shimmer highlighter or luminizer as a finishing touch to your makeup. One of my favorite products to use when I am creating a sexy evening look...

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Beauty Counter: Bronzed Skin with a Glow

One of the easiest and safest way to get a sun-kissed look without exposing your skin to harmful sun damage is with bronzer. Bronzing powders give your complexion a beautiful warm bronzed glow. Bronzed skin hides imperfections, gives your skin a healthy radiance and makes...

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