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Get Dressed In Style Mainstays

Trends may be cyclical, but there are certain sartorial mainstays that are always classic and appropriate; items that looked just as great on Audrey Hepburn in the 50s as they did on Claudia Schiffer in the 90s, as they do on you today. These clothing items are not trendy or particularly exciting on their own, but are basic building blocks to assist in creating a variety of looks. They never go out of fashion because they are never particularly in fashion, which is where their beauty lies. We discuss a few of these clothing items, below.

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Accentuate Your Heels

Sam Edelman Roza I’m a shoe addict and recently, I’ve been fawning over classic pumps with a twist; heel accents. From glitter and bows to sharp studs, footwear designers are kicking up the dust on footwear design and I’m in heaven. I recently ordered the...

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Welcome to Capetown

As the summer sun begins to fade and the chilly evenings come, I’m very excited for the fall season and its upcoming trends. One trend in particular I’m dying to wear as I walk down the streets is a simple cape that will be both...

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