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This Time More Is Better

Walking all over Whitney like a doormat is as predictable as Kelly Cutrone’s black crew necks. But one thing that remains fabulously unexpected is the glorious NYC fashion. Let’s traipse down The City catwalk for episode 2: – Whitney’s broad shouldered red print dress is...

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It’s for the Mass Woman

Whitney Let me just start off by saying, I’ve been more than eagerly anticipating Season 2 of The City. Compared with the Hills, the fashion is really unmatched. And having lived in NYC, the City has more than a soft spot in my heart. Let’s...

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Welcome Back to The City

So last night it was The Hills, are we all on board for Team Kristin? Tonight we’ll be heading to NYC, as Whitney and crew take on Season 2. Erin’s out – supposedly there was a “fall out”. Not sure if I’m digging this new...

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The City Season 2 Trailer

Let’s see how Whitney does in the city this season. Erin’s gone (we heard they had a “falling out”). There is a lot more of Kelly Cutrone. Love how she tells it as it is. Olivia joins Elle Magazine and reeks havoc. And Joe Zee...

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Link Love

French Vogue’s Carine Roitfeld profile on CNN. ( For those who don’t know about our Twitter account, follow us. And if you’re not on Twitter, get on it!( DVF gives Whitney love advice on The City finale. “The most important relationship you have in your...

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