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Day in the Life of Indochino’s Brand Manager Crystal Walton

A man in a suit is really a weakness of ours. And of course, it’s all about fit. Cue Indochino, a custom online menswear company – you may have already heard of them, they’ve been getting lots of buzz and they’re Canadian (the two owners met at the University of Victoria and they’re based in Gastown in Vancouver). To help spread the word about Indochino and get guys measured up and styled in customized suits, Indochino offers a weeklong event called the Traveling Tailor – traveling across different cities & hosting a pop-up event. We wanted to know what happens behind-the-scenes at the Traveling Tailor and asked Crystal Walton, Brand Manager for Indochino’s Traveling Tailor to capture her adventures as she headed over to Washington, DC.

Up bright and early to leave Vancouver and fly out to DC to get our Traveling Tailor (or TT as we like to call it) all set up and ready for business. Comfy clothes are a requirement for the plane ride – let’s go!

Arrived at the event space the next day to begin set-up. Its nothing but a few empty rooms for now, but within 24 hours this place will be fully ready to go.

The staff has all arrived and set-up is fully underway. With fixtures to be assembled, mannequins to be dressed and product to be steamed and hung, it’s all hands on deck to get everything done.

We kick off the event with a Media Buzz evening. There’s lots of mingling, networking, taking pictures and answering questions – but overall a successful night, not to mention a lot fun.

Opening day is always crazy & hectic but it doesn’t end there. I haven’t had any time at my laptop in days so its back to the hotel room to do some work before the craziness of the week really takes off.

The styling room at every TT event is my baby, its where you can find me the majority of the time helping guys pick out fabrics and selecting customization options.

I forced myself to get a workout in to try and run off some of the amazing meals I’ve been eating. Who knew DC had such great food!

Speaking of eating – room service it is! Even the hotel has delicious food, plus I have a tonne of work to catch up on.

Got a great nights rest now its off to the ABC studio to go on Channel 7’s “Lets Talk Live” and talk about Indochino’s concept and our Traveling Tailor event. Live TV is scary but I got it done!

Took a little detour coming back from the studio to drive past the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial. This was the one monument I personally wanted to see the most and I literally was in awe at how powerful it was.

Ok, maybe it was a medium sized detour. But come on, no trip to DC is complete without a shot in front of the White House!

Work hard, play hard – that’s my motto! Wrapped up a successful week by unwinding at the Washington Wizards NBA game. Headed to take down the event space tomorrow then fly home, only to do it all again in a couple weeks in a different city!

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