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Girl of the Week: Sophia Said

… Sales Associate at Boutique OLAM.

Hometown… Casablanca, Morocco.

Wearing… Sweater by H&M, leather pants by Vero Moda, shoes by Converse, jewellery by Swarovski.

Favourite city… Paris.

Favourite activity in your favourite city… Clubbing. The Parisian nightlife is amazing!

Favourite season… Summer.

My style in 3 words… Casual – Comfortable – (sometimes a bit) weird.

Diamonds or pearls… Pearls

Heels or flats… Heels except when I’m working.

You need to follow… @Tea_you a Montreal designer on Instagram.

Favourite restaurant… Wok Café. Best junkie Chinese food ever.

Dogs or cats… Dogs for sure!

Best gift I ever received… Tickets to Paris and Nice from my dad.

Last gift I gave a friend… Crystal earrings.

Coffee or tea… Coffee.


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