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Girl of the Week: Jessica Pelletier

JEss470Current city… Montreal, Quebec.

Hometown… Brockville, City of 1000 Islands in Ontario.

Occupation… Floor Manager at Aritzia.

Wearing… Shoes by ALDO, Levis jeans from Editorial, vintage t-shirt, jewellery from Lavish & Squalor in Toronto, Casio watch from American Apparel.

Favourite city… Toronto.

Favourite thing to do in that city… People watching.

Favourite season… Fall, which is when my birthday is too.

3 words to describe your style… Vintage – Monochromatic – Unique.

Diamonds or pearls… Neither! Silver.

Heels or flats… Normally heels, but I had to try these Dorsay flats.

Instagram that everyone should follow… @SincerelyJules

Favourite restaurant… Icehouse in the Plateau.

Dogs or cats… Cats.

Best gift you ever received… my first iPhone from my mom.

Last gift you gave a friend… Got my boyfriend a pair of classic black Converse High Tops. 

Coffee or tea… Coffee for sure.

Follow me on…. Instagram

Photo credit: Rose Wong

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