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Girl of the Week: Anne-Laurence Di Ciero

Anne-LaurenceSpotted… Aritzia sale at Eaton Centre, Montreal.

Hometown… Montreal.

Occupation… Currently a student at UQAM, aspiring to be an elementary school teacher.

Wearing… TOPSHOP blouse, Levi’s jacket, Aritzia’s Babaton pants, Vans sneakers and Inglot lipstick colour 426.

My style is… Casual, boho, with a bit of lace.

Diamonds or pearls… Diamonds.

Heels or flats… Flats, they let me be spontaneous.

Best gift I ever received… Osheaga tickets from my boyfriend.

Last gift I gave my friend… A set of vinyl records.

Favourite city… Home sweet home Montreal.

Favourite activity in the city… Bixi-ing (that amazing public biking system offered in the Summer) around after an evening at the bar.

Favourite season… Summer hands down!

Favourite restaurant… Icehouse in Montreal.

Dogs or cats… Cats.

Everyone should follow… @bleubird.

Follow me on Instagram at… @anneeloup.

Photo by Rose Wong.

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