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Girl of the Week: Adriann Conner

3. AdriannSpotted… Gastown, Vancouver.

Hometown… Vancouver, BC.

Occupation… Outdoor instructor. I take students kayaking and rock climbing among other things. I’m also majoring in psychology at Massey University in New Zealand.

Wearing… Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses, Paper Scissors shirt, Ruby shorts, Glasson’s sandals, Mulberry purse and Diva bracelet.

My style in three words…¬†Feminine, fun and distinctive.

Diamonds or pearls… Diamonds.

Heels or flats… I love heels but flats are way more practical.

Best gift I ever received… An Easy Bake Oven.

Beauty must-haves… I think blush is really important.

Never leave the house without… My phone and my Yves Saint Laurent glasses.

Favourite city… Dubai.

Favourite activity in that city… Shopping and dune boarding.

Coffee or tea… I love them both, but I have to say I enjoy coffee more.

Most looking forward to this summer… Visiting family, BBQ’s and travelling.

Follow me on… Instagram.

Photo credit: Lydia Hung

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