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Tried & Tested: L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber Treatment

L’Oreal Pro Fiber TreatmentThe L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber Treatment is a three step process that determines your hair’s level of damage and puts you on the best course of action to care for your hair and get it back to looking and feeling healthy.

Claim to fame…

The Pro Fiber Programme is a long-lasting, recharging hair care programme for damaged hair.

The programme starts in-salon with an exclusive one-on-one consultation with an expert hairstylist. They will analyze the level of damage of your hair using the Hair Fiber Test.

First, your hairstylist will ask you about your current hair care routine and how you would like your hair to look when finished. This will help assess if external factors might cause hair damage, such as heated styling tools and if you prefer a lightweight or richer cosmetic feel.

Then, taking a few strands of hair, your hairdresser will feel its texture from root-to-tip to check its thickness, elasticity and see if you have split ends. Your hairstylist’s diagnosis will inform which Pro Fiber hair care programme is perfect for you. 

profiberrange (1)Formulation…

L’Oreal Professionnel breaks damaged hair into 3 core types;

Level 1: Slightly Damaged Hair

The lowest level of hair damage would most likely seem slightly dry with less shine, duller colour and thinner ends. In this case, your hairstylist will recommend the Pro Fiber Revive programme which has a lemony fragrance with honey tones.

Level 2: Damaged Hair

In this case, the hair’s external layer is most likely scraped off and the internal hair cortex is unprotected and vulnerable to further damage. Damaged hair at this level will have a rough texture, with a dull appearance, an uneven colour and split ends. This level stage would be recommend the Pro Fiber Restore programme which has a spicy, floral fragrance of sandal milk.

Level 3: Very Damaged Hair

This would be the highest level of hair damage, hair at this level would have a very rough texture, deconstructed with no shine, faded colour and split ends. At this level you would be recommended the Pro Fiber Recover programme to recover the strength and a stronger feel back into your hair which has a black vanilla fragrance.

Each programme is made up of a Concentrate, for professional use only in the salon, and to take home with you, there is a Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque, Leave-In and Re-Charge product.

How I used it…

I followed the 3 step program!

Step 1: In-Salon Treatment

I went into Suki’s Salon in Vancouver for my consultation and determined that my hair fell into the Level 2: Damaged Hair and was recommended the Restore programme. My hair was prepped by getting a shampoo, rinse and relaxing scalp massage. My stylist then applied the special Concentrate product all throughout my hair. Next, the stylist applied the Restore Masque on top of the Concentrate and massaged it into the hair fiber using a professional layering technique to give my hair a renewed look. Then I had to just sit and relax for a bit for the Concentrate and Masque to really soak into my hair. Once the products were rinsed out, I got a blow out.

Step 2: Prolong at Home

Once I got home I used the Restore Shampoo ($27.50 CAD) and Conditioner ($28.50 CAD) to wash my hair about twice a week and substituted the conditioner for the Restore Masque ($28.50 CAD) once a week for some added nourishment. Once I rinsed out the product and let me hair dry a bit then applied the Restore Leave-in  ($28.75 CAD) to my damp hair focusing on the ends as to not make it look too greasy at my scalp. Then I just styled my hair as I normally would and continued to use hairspray or dry shampoo on days that I needed it. The hair care programme can work along with your other hair products. 

Step 3: Recharge at Home

To boost the treatment, on every fourth shampoo, I’d use the Re-Charge ($35 CAD) instead of the Conditioner or Masque after shampooing. Once I applied the Re-Charge throughout all my hair I left it in for 5 minutes, lathered and rinsed out.  

evagreenThe Result…

After my in-salon treatment and blow-out I was not able to resist touching my hair constantly for the rest of the day, it just smelled and felt so good! Even afterwards, throughout using the at-home products I noticed my hair was more touchable, soft and had more shine. The only way to really fix my spilt ends however was another trip to the salon for a cut.

Good to Know…

You’ll even get emails sharing best practices of the progamme so you have success at home, as well as notifications of when it’s time for your next in-salon treatment.

Check out L’Oreal Professional’s website to find a participating salon near you to schedule your first Pro Fiber treatment. Cost of this treatment is $25 to $35, depending on your hair length.

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Reader's Comments

  1. Just started using the Loreal ProFiber Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque that my salon recommended. Should I have a salon ProFiber treatment before I start using or just get it when I go back next month? Also do I have to use that ReCharge after every 4th shampoo? That could get expensive as I have long hair and wash it most days. Thanks. Pat Morrion

  2. Hi Pat!

    That’s great – I did the treatment in the salon before I began using the shampoo, conditioner and masque. The ReCharge won’t be much help to you unless you get the treatment in salon before hand. I’m sure it would be totally fine to use the shampoo, conditioner and masque before getting the treatment, you’ll still get the benefits.

    If you’re washing your hair that often maybe space out your ReCharge applications a bit more, I have long hair too, so I totally understand! Double check with your salon how often you should use it, the ProFibre treatment is customized to fit your hair needs.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Thanks!

  4. How often should you get the in salon treatment?

  5. Hey Liz!

    It’s best to ask your stylist at the salon or whoever performs your treatment because it totally depends on your hair 🙂


  6. the pro fiber its ultimate result give ever

  7. Hi… Do you recommend a pro fibre treatment for that have undergone a cystine complex treatment a month bck.


  8. Hi Trupi,

    I would ask your stylist how long you should wait in between the two treatments!

    Caitlyn xx

  9. I use to use pro-fiber in-salon treatment + shampoo, conditioner and mask etc. I recently received a keratin treatment, and I was told not use a shampoo that contains sulfate. I know that pro-fiber isn’t sulfate free, so what do you think I should do?

  10. For keratin treated hair use L’Oréal professional Iona shampoo and masque! You may also use coin amount L’Oréal mystic oil on wet hair after wash .That is what I was asked by my salon professional !Iona is sulphate free!

  11. If we get treatment once…use the shampoo and the masque. Do we hv to get another treatment like another profiber after a month or 6 months?

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