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Skincare And Makeup I Love For Glowing Skin

My friends often tell me that I have “glowing A+ skin.” Bless their little hearts. Truth be told, I take my skincare regimen pretty seriously. My fiancé often questions whether I really need the multiple products that clutter our bathroom counter to achieve a soft, supple and glowy complexion (the answer is yes, always yes). My skin can be sensitive so I don’t like to experiment frivolously. However, I have discovered a few skincare main-stays that you’ll always find in my bathroom, as well as a new recent find.

Here are the products I use to get my glow on.


Josie Maran 100 per cent Pure Argan Oil, $60 CAD, Sephora – This is a favourite I’ve been using to amp up my moisturizer for quite a while. It’s great especially in winter, but honestly, I use it all year round to ensure my skin is in tip/top shape. This argan oil has also helped fade pesky acne scars from my 20s. Hands down, a holy grail skincare product for me.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, $70 CAD, Sephora – I recently couldn’t resist picking this palette up the last time I was in Sephora. The powder is quite fine and gives you a soft-focused glow on your face, cloaking imperfections and refining the appearance of you skin. There’s a very soft sheen to this palette which is perfect, if like me, you’re worried about looking too sparkly. I mostly use the shade in the middle to highlight the tops of cheekbones and down the length of my nose. The darker shade on the right is good for a very subtle contour and bronzing effect.


Hour Glass No 28 Primer Serum, $75 CAD, Sephora – Richly hydrating, this luxurious serum glides on across skin and is the perfect canvas for makeup. This is my (not-so-secret) sauce to dewy and luminous skin. This serum does double duty as a makeup primer by day and a hydrating serum by night. One pump per application is all you need, so although the price is steep, one bottle lasts for at least 5 to 6 months. The serum is formulated to strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier, even out your pores and also shield your skin against environmental aggressors.


Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil, $45 CAD, Sephora – I resisted oil cleansers for a long time, thinking that they just couldn’t get the job done. But after trying a deluxe sample of this, I was convinced. With a drop of water, I massage this oil onto my face and sometimes use it with my Clarisonic Skincare Brush. A day’s makeup is softly stripped away and there’s no greasy residue. The Pure Lily Extract and cleansing water in this formula are gentle on skin and help to inhibit skin inflammation. Two pumps are all you need to wash your entire face.

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