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Aritzia Takes Over Robson Street In Vancouver On April 15th

If you’ve been on Robson Street in the past while, you may have noticed that one of the Starbucks in the Robson and Thurlow intersection is gone. Boarded up making way for an Aritzia expansion. You’ve probably wondered – wow, do we need more? Well, if you’re a highly devoted Aritzia shopper (since the age of 13 right here), then you’re probably thinking “yeah, more clothes to choose from, it’s not a bad thing right?” Except maybe for your credit card, but we’ll worry about that later.

This April 15th, Aritzia expand its Robson Street location by 4,8000 square feet, bringing the stores to a total of 13,000 square feet. We expect nothing less than a beautiful store – we heard there will be an indoor raised garden, marble slab wall (selfies anyone), prototype merchandising fixtures, curated art pieces and a gentle cast-in-place concrete ramp. We can’t wait to peruse the new expansion.

In the meantime, here are a few new Aritzia pieces to lust after, just in time for Spring.


Louie Dress $145 CAD, Aritzia 


Malik Blouse $85 CAD, Aritzia

Rideau Pants

TNA Rideau Pant $80 CAD, Aritzia 

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