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How To Shop For Sneakers For Each Of Your Workouts

nike flyknitFinding the right workout sneaker for your workout needs is more technical than picking out your casual sneakers for running errands. There’s a few specific things you need to look out for depending on the workout you plan you’re wearing them for. For example, the running shoes you wear for your evening runs should be slightly different in comparison to the sneakers you would wear to do weight training and squats.

There are so many different styles and colours that it’s easy to get distracted and hard to distinguish what will actually support you through your workouts versus what just looks good or is on trend. If you pick the proper shoes they will help keep you supported and hopefully injury free. And, better yet, your workout sneakers will come in a fun, eye-popping colour for an extra stylish confidence boost.

Check out what you should look for when shopping for a pair of workout sneakers for your workout plan.

Strength & Weight Training

Have you ever noticed people wearing their Converse sneakers at the squat rack? Converse are supportive but don’t have any cushion and have little to no heel at all which allows lifters to maintain traction and stability. It also helps that you can lace them up tightly around your feet. However, if you want something a little more versatile for weight lifting and the gym try some Nike Frees because they are so lightweight and have just a little cushion.

Nike FreeNike Free TR 5 Flyknit, $175 CAD, Footlocker


When you’re doing plyometrics (“jump training” or exercises where muscles exert maximum force in short internals), you’ll want to be kind to your leg joints and feet by making sure your shoes have shock absorption. Go for an athletic shoe with a thicker sole and a layer of cushioning to make for softer landings. You’ll also want ankle and arch support.

PUMAPUMA Fierce Core High Top Sneaker, $110 CAD, Little Burgundy Shoes

Running Sneakers

It’s so tough to pinpoint the best running shoe at the store because everyone’s feet and running styles are so different. I highly recommend getting fitted by an in-store specialist at a specialty running store so that you can get the best shoes specifically for you. Discuss with the specialist what kind of running you plan on doing the most, such as trail, road or treadmill. Once you know what works best for your feet, it will be easier to shop around or even online.

Under Armour 'SpeedForm Gemini 2' Running Shoe Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 2 Running Shoe, $171.59 CAD, Nordstrom


Cross-trainers are a popular choice, they are versatile enough that they can get you through anything from intervals on the treadmill, a kettle bell class or lifting weights. It’s always great when you can save a hundred bucks and avoid buying multiple pairs of sneakers for different activities.

adidas coreAdidias Core Grace Training Shoe, $59.99 CAD (on sale), Sport Chek

Casual Sneakers

Casual sneaks are a hot commodity at the moment and for good reason. They are comfy and practical as hell, all while looking stylish. Wear then for bike rides on the sea wall, shopping, running errands, exploring a new city, heading to brunch and everything else in between. Nike, Keds, Adidas, and Converse are all known as go-to casual sneakers.

Nike Court RoyalNike Court Royal, $75 CAD, Little Burgundy Shoes

No matter what workout plan you’re tackling, it’s best to head to a specialty or sports store for a proper shoe fitting. You’ll know your feet will be taken care of and it will be time to get your butt moving and work up a sweat!

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