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Maximize A Small Closet (Even On A Budget)

Living in an apartment in the city has so many pros but most city apartments seem to have one big con in common… small closet space. I know all too well about this, my apartment is lacking major closet and storage space so I’ve gone and created my own closet “extension” in an area of my bedroom. Having a merchandising background and having interned with an interior designer back in the day, I like to think of myself as a self-proclaimed décor and organizational buff. Here are things I’ve done to maximize the space I have so that I can  store all my clothing, shoes and accessories in a practical, functional and aesthetically appealing way:

Take over a corner of your bedroom

ikea clothing rackMULIG White Clothes Rack, $12.99 CAD, IKEA – Add a clothing rack. You can use this to showcase a seasonal capsule collection that easy to access on an everyday basis. At the beginning of every season, I switch out the selection on my rack to all my seasonal favourites and new purchases that I know I love wearing on a regular basis. I have this one from IKEA and love it.

bookcaseSouth Shore Smart Basics 5 Shelf Narrow Bookcase, $84.48 CAD, Walmart – Add chic shelving for folded clothing, shoes, accessories or even your fragrance collection. A slim bookcase would be great for this.

ikea sheepskin rugRENS Sheepskin, $39.99 CAD, IKEA – Add accents for an added touch of glam like a small rug, such as this white sheepskin one from IKEA or showcase your clutches, they’re practically works of art anyways.

style me pretty I’m in love with this set up from Style Me Pretty and it happens to have all the same aspects that I’ve incorporated into my DIY “closet” in my apartment.

Hang your hats on the wall

home depot hooksCommand Decorative Hook Brushed Nickel Tradition Large Hook, $7.24 CAD, Home Depot – I just pick up damage-free hanging hooks that are very affordable and won’t ruin my rental walls and hang them just above my clothing rack in a line to store all my brimmed hats. Once you hang your hats on, you don’t even see the hook, only your pretty hats that are easy to grab and wear out the door.

Make use of under your bed

Tuck away boots, chunky sweaters, scarves and coats for the summer months when you know you won’t be reaching for them to create more space for your spring and summer outfits

Make use of hooks and bars

back of door storagePut hooks anywhere you can, especially on the backs for doors so that they can be easily concealed. You can use them to hang bags, scarves, robes, jackets, hats or even belts.

Utilize ALL the space in your closet, floor included

In my itsy-bitsy closet I’ve used absolutely every inch of space, this includes some shelving on the floor to house rows of shoes and a top shelve above the clothing rod to stack folded piles of sweaters, jeans and boxes with swimwear.

Use thin hangers

hangersSimplify Extra Wide 21” Velvet Coat Hanger 6 Pack, $5.60 CAD, Walmart – Thin hangers take up less space, meaning you can fit more in your closet. The velvet is great so that nothing slips off them. I’ve also had good luck at Home Sense and Winners in finding hangers like this. I grab as many as I can so that every hanger in my closet is the same.

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