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Warby Parker Opens In Canada This Week

warby parker-glasses

warby parker queen street

It was about three years ago that I made my way to the Warby Parker New York Soho store to order a pair of eyeglasses – a tortoise shell number that I still wear today. I’d heard lots about this brand, one that started with a simple mission: to cut out the middleman and sell high quality, beautifully designed eyeglasses online. Exciting for me considering I would spend around $500 for a pair of eyeglasses – I’m blind as a bat and have been wearing glasses since I was 11 years old.

warby parker neil + dave

Warby Parker founders Neil & Dave


Warby Parker Nesbit 

I’ve never really been totally comfortable with the idea of buying eyeglasses online – I like to see, feel and put on glasses. What does it look like on my face? Does the glasses fit the nose bridge, so my glasses won’t be constantly sliding off?

Even though Warby Parker launched their Canadian website in 2012 – I knew I had to get my glasses physically at a store, next time on vacation. I always appreciate when a brand ships to Canada, but the website lacked the popular free at-home try on service that Warby Parker was known for.

Naturally, it seems about time that Warby Parker makes its way to Canada! First stop, Toronto – Warby Parker opens its first international store at 684 Queen Street West on Saturday, August 6th. YES!


Warby Parker Chamberlain in Jet Black 


Warby Parker Durand in Moss 


 Warby Parker Haskell in Crystal

To celebrate, Warby Parker is launching an exclusive set of frames that can be purchased in store and online: the Durand in Moss and Chamberlain in Jet Black. These two faves are available for a limited time in these hues, both as sunglasses and optical. And at the Queen Street store only, you’ll find the Haskell frame in Crystal.The sunglasses will be mirrored lenses with a touch of red.

Make your way to Warby Parker on Saturday, store hours are 11am – 7pm.



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  1. Warby Parker service in Toronto is terrible. Long waits, manufacture errors, more long waits, friendly but useless emails. We are now looking two full months of waiting and still no glasses. Too bad. I have purchased many glasses from them, my son in Brooklyn as well and now my girlfriend . Expanding too fast? Getting your numbers up for a sale of the company? Something is very wrong here. I want them to succeed but these are very bad signs.

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